Bohol Itinerary for 3 Days – Philippines

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  • Chocolate Hills
  • Tarsiers
  • Loboc River Tour
  • Virgin Island
  • Loboc River Cruise
  • Balicasag island
  • Mag-Aso falls

All significant places of Bohol Island, sea safari from Panglao Island and leisure time on Alona Beach in three day of this tour. Detailed itinerary which is good for public transport, rented car or motorbike transportation.

Day 1

  • Chocolate Hills of Bohol Island

    The number one tourist place in Bohol Island. Cocoa colored hills in a shape of truffles stretch for kilometers around the view point. Small houses and rice fields located between these hills look like toys in a man-made park.
  • Mag-Aso Falls - Bohol, Philippines

    Mag-Aso Falls are eight-meter twin waterfalls at the bottom of a deep gorge. Turquoise water surrounded by tropical flora and fauna looks like a lost paradise. There are no sounds except the roaring water. It’s a meditative, calm and a very natural place.

Day 1 basic information

The very first day is not very intensive. Well, you need some time to get to start point first. The start point of the first day itinerary could be Tagbilaran city, Tubigon city or Panglao island.

Day 1 route from Tagbilaran city

1. Tagbilaran -> Chocolate Hills

Go to Island City Mall near by the city by trycile or motorbike. There is a bus terminal just in front of the mall.

Take a bus or jeepney that goes to Carmen. Take off at the Chocolate Hills. There is a billboard on the road. The road takes 1-1.5 hours and costs 50-80 pesos depending on a type of the transport. From this point you need to walk 10 minutes up to a ticket office. If you go to the place by motorbike or tricycle, you can go to the ticket office directly.

Spend some time (1-2 hours) at Chocolate Hills. Entrance ticket costs 50 pesos.

2.  Chocolate Hills -> Tagbilaran

Go back to Tagbilaran. Take a bus that goes directly to Tagbilaran city. The road takes 2-3 hours and costs 50-80 pesos.

3. Tagbilaran -> Mag-Aso Falls

Take trycycle or motorbike to go to a bus terminal at Cogon Public Market in Tagbilaran (20-30 min, 20-60 pesos).

Take a bus at the bus terminal that goes to Antequera and ask a driver to stop at Mag-Aso Falls. Here at the bus stop, you can easily find a motorbike to take you to the waterfalls for 20-60 pesos.

In case you don’t like such a complicated trip, you can take a trycicle from Tagbilaran to Mag-Aso Falls directly. I advise to take a round trip transfer, because it could be a problem to find a taxi near by the waterfalls.

Look at a glorious beauty of Mag-Aso Falls and swim in a natural pool (30-60 minutes).

4.  Mag-Aso Falls -> Tagbilaran

Go back to Tagbilaran. Get some rest, go to cinema in Island City Mall, take a dinner.

Day 1 route from Tubigon city

The only difference is the point #1. Go to Chocolate hills from Tubigon.

Take a bus to Carmen at Tubigon bus terminal. The bus terminal located 1 kilometer away from Tubigon port. The road takes 1-2 hours and costs 30-80 pesos.

In Carmen you can take a bus that goes to Tagbilaran and take off at Chocolate Hills. But it’s much more convenient to take a motorbike or tricycle there. In this case negotiate with motorbike or tricycle driver to get you to the ticket office, not just to a crossing to Chocolate Hills. We took tricycle for 100 pesos. The road took 15-20 minutes.

Day 1 route from Panglao Island or Alona Beach

First of all you need to go to Tagbilaran from Panglao island or Alona beach. There are a lot of buses go to Island City Mall or other bus terminals in Tagbilaran from Panglao. Than you do exactly the same route that is described above.

Day 2

  • Tarsier Sanctuary, Bohol, Philippines

    Adorable cutest little primates with giant eyes and chinchilla fur. In this place as opposed to The Loboc Tarsier Conservation Area, tarsiers live in a natural biotope in a wood lot of 10 hectares. It’s not a usual zoo, animals are really free here.
  • Loboc River Cruise, Bohol, Philippines

    Floating restaurant goes along the river to beautiful Busay Falls. There is “All you can eat” system on the boat, so you can have a lunch during the trip. At one of stops you can watch a traditional and very pleasant Filipino musical performance. Highly recommended.
  • Loboc Church, Bohol, Philippines

    One of the oldest churches in Philippines. Unfortunately, now this place is called “Loboc church ruins”, and you can see “before” and “after” on advertising photos. Earthquake in 2013 dramatically destroyed the church. But the place became even more atmospheric.
  • Loboc Adventure Park, Bohol, Philippines

    One of the most popular zip-lines in Philippines. It’s really amazing to flight above woods and the river with waterfalls. Just one minute above the ground, but during this time you are happy as a child. 50 shades of green from the height of a bird flight.

Day 2 route from Tagbilaran city

1. Tagbilaran -> Tarsier Sanctuary

In Tagbilaran take a tricycle, a motorbike, a jeepney or a bus and go to Island City Mall. Bus terminal located just in front of Island City Mall. Take a bus they goes to Sikatuna. The last stop of the bus is Loboc. And ask a driver to stop at Tarsier Sanctuary. Then you need to walk a few minutes to the Tarsier Sanctuary entrance. The road takes you 20 minutes and costs 17-50 pesos.

Tarsier Sanctuary. A half an hour is enough to watch animals and read about them on stands. We thought that we needed an hour at least, but we completed everything in 30 minutes without any rush.

2. Tarsiers Sanctuary -> Loboc

Take the same bus at the same stop and go to Loboc. Take off at Loboc Church. If you have time before 11 am, than you can watch and make some pics of Loboc Church. It’s located just near by the road. If you are short in time, it’s better to go to River Cruise first and came back to the church later.The road takes 15-20 minutes and costs 17-50 pesos.

Floating restaurant goes from Loboc Turism Center. The building is located in front of the church. You need to cross the road and a bridge over the river. You can see boats-restaurants from the bridge, so it’s easy to find the place.

Loboc River Cruise works until 3.30 pm. 11 am is a time for check-in to a boat that leaves at 11.30 am. This half an hour you can use for eating. If you want to find time for everything, it’s better to have a lunch here and that have a dinner after the route. Check-in is going until 11.30 am. There are a few tour companies that offer river cruise. We took Village cruise and enjoyed it. The price was 450 pesos. One hour cruise + half an hour for lunch.

3. Loboc Church -> Loboc Eco-Tourism Adventure Park

It’s just 3 km between the church and the adventure park. You can walk there or take a bus that goes to Carmen and take off at Loboc Eco-Tourism Adventure Park. But the most convenient way is to take a motorbike. We paid 40 pesos for 2 persons and arrives to the ticket office.

“There and back” ticket in Loboc eco-Tourism Adventure Park costs 350 pesos. Photos go your flight take you 200 pesos.

4. Loboc Eco-Tourism Adventure Park -> Tagbilaran

Go back to Tagbilaran. You’ll have pretty much time to go to Alona beach, swim in the sea, look at sunset, have dinner in a restaurant on the beach, take a massage etc.

In case you are not interested in Mag-Aso Falls, you have enough time to go to Chocolate Hills in second day. To get a detailed 1-day trip, please go here.

Day 3

  • Alona Beach, Panglao, Philippines

    Alona Beach is a favorite place for beach holidays for tourists traveling in the Philippines and for locals as well. White sand, clear water, gently sloping beach, numerous restaurants and dive centers – all these make Alona Beach a very convenient place.
  • Balicasag Island, Philippines

    Go for diving, freediving or snorkeling in Balicasag Island Marine Sanctuary, one of the best coral reefs in Philippines. It’s a perfect place for macro-diving. Nudibranchs, frogfishes and shrimps are all around.
  • Bohol Dolphins Watching

    Every morning, from about 6 to 7 am, dolphins rise to the surface and pass through the waters of Panglao. You can look at them from one of the boats that go from Alona beach.
  • Virgin island, Philippines

    Unbelievably beautiful island with a picturesque white sand bar amidst the pristine ocean. The place is really like a computer wallpaper. Peaceful and gorgeous.

Day 3 from Alona Beach

You can rent a private boat at Alona Beach for sea safari to Pamilacan dolphins watching, Balicasag Island snorkeling and Virgin Island visiting. Or you can go to one of dive centers on Alona Beach for diving in Panglao Island area. Anyway you’ll get a lot of pleasant moments.

Main attractions of Bohol island:

Bohol island photo gallery


There are a lot of hotels in Tagbilaran City. It’s not a problem if you didn’t book it in advance, but for a comfortable short trip it’s always better to have a reserved room somewhere in a city center. Prices in Tagbilaran are pretty low.

However a lot of people prefer to stay at Alona Beach. For those who prefer reclusive and peaceful place, I can recommend a great hotel on a cliff with a private beach and swimming pool Almira Diving Resort.

How to Get to Bohol Island?

  • Plane. Tagbilaran Airport takes flights of AirAsia, Cebu Pacific and Philippine Airlines from Manila. The flight takes about an hour.
  • Fast ferries from Cebu to Tagbilaran. Travel on Ocean Jet (800 pesos), Super Cat (400 pesos), Weesam Express (400 pesos) boats takes 2-3 hours. The first ferry from Cebu go at 6 am, the last at 6 pm. From Tagbilaran – at 7 am and 6.30 pm respectively. You can buy round trip tickets, they are cheaper.
  • Fast ferries from Cebu to Tubigon of Starcraft and Weesam Express companies. This trip is faster (1-2 hours) and cheaper (200-250 pesos), but Tubigon is away from Bohol points of interest and Alona Beach.
  • Fast ferries from Dumaguete to Tagbilaran. Ocean Jet (700 pesos) takes 2-3 hours.
  • Regular ferries from Cebu. These ferries are quite slow and rare, but cheap (around 200 pesos).

Get more information about ferries and flights here.

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