Choosing Additional Scuba Diving Equipment

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Снаряжение дляx дайвингаIn the most of cases, additional equipment is not required. But sometimes it may be required or just very useful taking into account conditions of the dive. The best principle for these type of equipment us the principle of value for money.

Underwater Light


Before choosing an underwater lights, you need to decide for what purpose you are going to use it. Night dives, dives in caves or photo shooting. This will determine not only a required luminosity, but also a type of the light.

  • For night dives it’s better use a light with several light fluxes, and not a single ray.
  • 700 lumens is more than enough.
  • Bright light scares fishes, so do not use too powerful lights.
  • Canister lights are well suited for cave dives. Take 2000-4000 lumens.
  • To separate the subject from the background on photo in the daytime, the light should be at least 700 lumens.
  • White light is not very suitable for photo, all objects are obtained blue.
  • Powerful lights can not work for a long time. Take into account before diving.
  • Cheap Chinese lights work well enough, but they don’t work for a long period of time and break down soon.
  • It’s more convenient to use lights with batteries. It’s easier to carry them and to replace batteries, unlike rechargeable batteries.

Rent a full set of scuba diving equipment usually doesn’t include a light rent. The quality of rented lights is not the best. So if you are going to use an underwater light at least 7-10 times, then it’s cheaper to buy your own. Simple models are not very expensive and they can be quite small.

My choice: Scubapro Nova Light. It’s very compact, weighs only 109 grams, it’s convenient, inexpensive and durable. The light is not bright, but it’s enough for me even for night diving as the main source of light.



  • There are two main colors of buoys: yellow and red. Red is used to indicate that divers are under water. Yellow is used in those rare cases when divers under water has some problem, they can’t go up themselves and need help. Since divers don’t follow these rules, you hardly ever can get help if you show a yellow buoy.
  • PADI recently introduced a rule requiring all divers, plunging in terms of currents to use the buoys. Therefore now we teach to set up a buoy during OWD course.
  • There are two main sizes of buoys: large and regular. Large buoy requires more air to be inflated, but it’s good for large waves and can be used as a flotation device.
  • As for quality, it is necessary to look at the quality of the material and seams. Buoy should be made of durable material and sew the seams. Cheap Chinese buoys break very soon. Buoy with a valve is easier to inflate, because the air does not come out. Also, valves allow to release extra air from the buoy.

Reef Hook

Reef Hook

Reef hook

If you want to dive in strong current, then it make sense to buy a reef hook. It can save you a lot of effort and nerves. In some situations, such as on a site Blue Corner in Palau, you simply can’t enjoy a dive without a hook. Divers hooks to the “corner” of the reef, the inflate BCDs and watch sharks swimming around.

Reef hooks come in different types. I have the same as on this picture. I like its handy carabiner and twisted cord, which is much more comfortable to use than ropes. But sometimes it seems that he hook itself is a little bit small.


Knife is required in case of diving in waters with poor visibility or if where there are fishing nets or other hazards may be under water. i don’t think that it make sense to take a knife to every dive, but the opposite opinion also exists


Instructors often use slates to communicate under water. They write on slates to describe something. But there is another use of slates.

Oksana: I use a white slate to set the white balance for photos. It’s required to be reset every 10 meters depth.


Canon PowerShot G16If you want to make photos at a depth more than 5-10 meters, then a usual camera in aquabox is not enough. Camera, waterproof box, lights, mounts – you need all this stuff for good photos. Prices are pretty high, so it’s all about the budget.

Martin’s choice: I like Canon PowerShot G series. I started with the G7, now I use G16.
Oksana’s choice: I use Canon PowerShot G series + GoPro.
My choice: I shoot video on GoPro. GoPro is well suited for large objects, but it doesn’t work for macro.

Thanks for help in writing the article.

Оксана Вильф

Oksana Wilf. PADI Master Instructor. She started to dive in 1998 and became an instructor in 2008. Oksana always finds creative ways for the learning process, she is always happy her students new achievements, works with them over the outcome, pays great attention to the psychology of behavior under the water, because she knows that often it is the key to success. Oksana dived in seas and oceans around the world, so it’s not easy to surprise her. Nevertheless, she always finds something interesting in every dive. I myself received Deep and Drift specifications with Oksana, learned the art of swimming with fins, and joined her at a few diving trips. Oksana is a wonderful person and instructor. If you need to improve your diving skills in Moscow, Oksana is the best instructor to do it.
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Мартин СлишансMartin Slisans started diving in 2003. Since 2009 lives in Moalboal in Cebu, works and actively engaged in diving in the Philippines. PADI Staff Instructor, Speciality Instructor (nitrox, deep, night, wreck, sidemount, peak performance, search and recovery), Emergency First Response Instructor, TesDeep instructor, Technical Sidemount Instructor. Martin helps people to get any diving certificate, from Open Water Diver to IDC Staff Instructor. Together with his wife Laura, Martin regularly organizes diving safari in the Philippines. I myself didn’t joined Martin’s courses, but I know many people who did. All respond with gratitude and appreciation. I can say that Martin is a very responsible person with a creative approach to learning. He genuinely enjoys the success of his students and becomes their friend for many years.
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