Carry-on Baggage: Restrictions and Life Hacks

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carry-on baggageGeneral restrictions for carry-on baggage are pretty much the same for all airlines. But a country of departure and a particular airport also matter. So what you really can take with you to a cabin?

Nobody say a word in Moscow and Dubai when I fly to Tokyo, but during check-in in Tokyo employees the same airline (Emirates) demand me to have only one item of carry-on baggage, even if it means that I just put all my small bags into one big bag.

Airport staff in Palau checked everything that was in my carry-on luggage. I mean it. You have to show everything that you want to take with you to the airplane. Any suspicion item goes to trash. Also there is a fee for corals, which are not allowed to be exported.

Prohibited Items Restrictions

carry-on baggage

In general, you need to follow these instructions:

  • Do not take any sharp items. Nail scissors as well.
  • Do not take any explosive, flammable, chemical and toxic substances. So no aerosols.
  • Do not take any weapons or weapon imitations, including children’s toys and any items that may be used as a weapon like ski poles.
  • Don’t take a lot of medications if you don’t have a prescription with you.
  • Put all liquids, gels and paste-like substances into 100 ml containers.
  • Any suspicious items like heavy metal objects (diving weights for example) are very unwelcome.
  • Keep your Duty Free bags sealed.

Non-obvious prohibited items:

  • Tent pegs.
  • More than one lighter.
  • Badminton rackets.
  • Fishing rods.
  • Electric drills and similar tools.

Items that I could take with me in carry-on baggage:

  • Several pound of diving weights.
  • Fins (90 cm length).
  • Spokes with knitting together.
  • Nail scissors.
  • Nippers for manicure. I take them instead of scissors for sewing.
  • A large number of wires.
  • Special screwdriver for ski equipment with removable nozzles.
  • Razor with multiple blades.
  • More than 15 containers of liquids (100 ml each).
  • Medicaments (more than 100 pills together).

Items that I could not take with me in carry-on baggage:

  • “Collar” for freediving with shotgun pellet inside.
  • Shotgun pellet is considered as a weapon.
  • Nail scissors. Yes, scissors are in both lists.
  • Repair kit for scuba gear.
  • Bottle of champagne from the Duty Free, because I bought it out of Eurozone.
  • Toy with a magnet inside.

Items I always put to carry-on baggage:

  • Laptop computer
  • All wires and small appliances
  • Photo equipment
  • Regulators for scuba diving
  • Glasses

Weight and Size Restrictions for Carry-on Baggage

Airline Size restrictions Weight restrictions
Aeroflot 55x40x20 cm 10 kg
AirAsia 56x36x23 cm 7 kg
Air Berlin 55x40x23 cm 8 kg
Air France 55x35x25 cm 12 kg
American Airlines 56x36x23 cm no restrictions
British Airways 56x45x25 cm 23 kg
Cathay Pacific Airways 56x36x23 cm 7 kg
China Southern Airlines 50x40x20 cm 5 kg
Delta 55x35x23 cm no restrictions
Easyjet 50x40x20 cm no restrictions
Emirates 55x38x20 cm 7 kg
Etihad Airways 40х50х21 cm 7 kg
German Wings 55x40x23 cm 8 kg
Iberia 56x45x25 cm no restrictions
Japan Airlines 56x40x25 cm 10 kg
KLM 55x35x25 cm 12 kg
Korean Air 55x40x20 cm 12 kg
Lufthansa 55x40x23 cm 8 kg
Norwegian 55x40x23 cm 10 kg
Pobeda handbag or briefcase
Qantas 56x36x23 cm 7 kg
Qatar 50х37х25 cm 7 kg
Ryanair 55x40x20 cm 10 kg
S7 55x40x20 cm 7 kg
Scandinavian Airlines (SAS) 55x40x23 cm 8 kg
Singapore Airlines 115 cm 7 kg
Sky Express 45x35x20 cm 6 kg
TAM Airlines 55x40x20 cm 5 kg
Transaero 55x40x20 cm 10 kg
Turkish Airlines 55x40x23 cm 8 kg
Vueling 55x40x20 cm 10 kg

Read how to put up to 40 kg to carry-on baggage and avoid any problems in an airport.

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