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Self-planned Trip business classPassing business class seats in airplanes we usually ask ourselves: “Is the difference in comfort worth the difference in price?”. It all depends on your preferences and the airline. I would like to say that business class it is not just comfortable chairs and champagne on board, but also a number of advantages during check-in and boarding.

1. Check-in

Check-in for business class is held in a separate queue. Unfortunately business class passengers have to share it with frequent flyer customers and holders of gold, silver and other club card. I saw a situation when this queue was more more crowded than a queue for economy class and it was going slowly. So it’s not 100% guarantee advantage.

2. Baggage

The free baggage allowance for business class is a half to three times greater than for the economy class.

3. Baggage Claim

Business class baggage are spreaded on tape in a very first queue. It allows passengers to get it and leave the airport very quickly.

4. Business-class Lounges

Some airports provide special business-class lounges.

5. Chairs

Self-planned Trip business class chairsChairs in business class more comfortable, the distance between the passengers is bigger. But it strongly depends on the airline. In airplanes of high-class airlines like Emirates or Qatar the difference is huge, chairs in business class are more beds than chairs, huge entertainment system displays and comfortable tables.

I was lucky to fly in Emirates Airlines business class once. Amazing comfort! The only upset thing is that I had time to sleep in an uncomfortable chair during the flight before this one.

At the same time European airlines offer the same chairs as in economy class.

6. Food

The food is better, cutlery are not plastic. Almost every airline offers it. But again, the more elite airline, the greater the difference between the economy and business.

7. WC

Toilet in the airplane for business class passengers is separate. It’s located in the front of the plane. Fewer people – less queues and cleaner.

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