Mag-Aso Falls – Bohol, Philippines

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Mag-Aso Falls - Bohol, PhilippinesMag-Aso Falls are eight-meter twin waterfalls situated at the bottom of a deep gorge. Turquoise water surrounded by tropical flora and fauna looks like a lost paradise. There are no sounds except the roaring water. Meditative, calm and very natural place. It’s located away from most of the attractions of Bohol island, still not covered by most of the Bohol tour itineraries. So it’s usually not crowded. There is a good chance to be there alone. 

Road to Mag-Aso Falls

Road to Mag-Aso Falls - Bohol, PhilippinesA staircase of 197 steps goes from a ticket office to falls. In dry weather it’s not difficult to go down and up. But the steps are very slippery in case of rain, so it’s better to use a banister to overcome this path. In the bottom there is only a small area near the water.


Mag-Aso Falls - Bohol, PhilippinesNormally the place is quite safe. You can swim at Mag-Aso Falls, however take care, the main pool is quite deep under the falls. It does get shallower further away. For the more adventurous experience you can walk or climb up the far side of the gorge and make a leap in to the pool below. Be careful with slippery rocks when you go into the water or climb up to cliffs.

Mag-Aso Falls - Bohol, Philippines

Don’t swim in case of bad weather!

Don’t enter the water in case of rain or a cloudy weather. In a couple of minutes a nice waterfall turns into a roaring water flow, sweeping away everything on its path. Some people tragically lost their lives here. Keep an eye on the local weather and take care of yourself!

Rescuers in a booth near the waterfall are volunteers as far as I know. So it’s better to rely on yourself and close ones.

Look at these pictures to get an overview how dangerous water of Mag-Aso Falls could be.

Our Experience

We arrived quite late, after 3.30 pm. There were only one European family and a lifeguard in a booth. A little later a group of Chinese tourists came to the site. No one else came in an hour.

We were not quite prepared because we came without swimsuits. Swimming under a waterfall is a must do thing in the Philippines. So I swam in my husband’s shirt, and he swam in his underwear. We couldn’t find a place to change our cloth, so we waited until the European family leave and changed near a cliff wall. We swam in the pool and under the waterfall, climbed on the rocks and frolicking in the water until we tired. The water was warm enough, so one could swim for a long time.

The best thing about these waterfalls is that they are not spoiled by civilization, and there are almost no people. Everything we love. Best memories.

Video of visiting and swimming at Mag-Aso Falls.


They ask payments for admission twice. First time 15 pesos for a vehicle (motorcycle or tricycle). Second time 20 pesos per person for a ticket itself. The taxi driver don’t tell you that the first payment is not required. You can ask to stop before the toll bar and go a few minutes to the ticket office on foot. But if you are traveling on a rented motorbike, I recommend to pay and enter the territory.


Bring everything you need with you. There are no any facilities downstairs at the waterfall: no shops, no restaurants, no toilets and no changing rooms.

How to Get to Mag-Aso Falls in Bohol?

Mag-Aso Falls is located 20 kilometers away from Tagbilaran near a small town Antequera. The easiest way to get there is to take a taxi (tricycle or motorbike) or rent a motorcycle.

If you want to save some money, you can use public transport. There is a jeepney that goes to Antequera from a bus terminal at Cogon Public Market in Tagbilaran. The market, in contrast to the Island City Mall is located inside Tagbilaran city, not outside. The fare to Antequera is about 25-30 pesos. Then you need to go a few kilometers more to reach Mag-Aso Falls from Antequera bus terminal. Here at the bus stop, you can easily find a taxi to take you to the waterfalls for 20-60 pesos. I advise to take a round trip transfer, because it could be a problem to find a taxi near by the waterfalls.

We went to Mag-Aso Falls on tricycle from Island City Mall. We paid 350 pesos for a round trip for two persons. I believe that it’s not the best price, but we started to bargain from 500 pesos, and we were very short in time, because we wanted to watch a movie at a cinema. By the way, when we came back and gave money to the driver, he tried to get another 50 pesos for “waiting”. It’s a very traditional trick for Filipinos. In social psychology, this technique is called “law ball”. Of course, we refused to pay more than the agreed and the taxi driver immediately calmed down. He understood what he was doing. ☺

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General Information:

  • Place: Mag-Aso Falls
  • Nearest town: Antequera, Bohol, Philippines
  • Ticket price: 20 pesos
  • Time for visit: 30-60 minutes
  • Date of the trip: 20 Dec, 2014

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