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The main idea of this blog is not just to share my travel experience, but also to help others to get their own experience. In recent years, more and more people prefer independent travels. First of all, because the self-planned trips meet the preferences and capabilities, and well designed routes save time and money. However, those who have never traveled alone may be unsure or scared a little bit. In addition, planning of a route and searching all necessary details could be very challenging and time-consuming. To get unbiased reviews, you need to get information not only from official websites of guides, but mostly from blogs and forums. I’m happy to help you develop your individual trip route according to your wishes.

Why I’m better than a travel agency? I do not cooperate with any travel partners, I will work for you and will search the best of all possible options to suit your desires and capabilities. It’s going to save your time and money for sure. Travel companies explicitly or implicitly get much more for the same or less services. For example, the trip to Danxia Landform cost us 3,500¥ per person, while the tour to the same places worth 9,500¥ and didn’t fit our timeframe.


During this 1-hour Skype conversation you can ask any questions regarding a trip that you’re planning, places where I’ve been, visas procedures, tickets or hotels booking. In general, any things your would like to discuss. If I can’t answer your question, I will look for the answer after the conversation and send you a message with results.

  • One hour conversation
  • Answers to questions
  • Tips & tricks
€ 19

Ticket Purchase

You can use my algorithm on the page How to buy cheap flight tickets? to find a ticket youself. However it may take a lot of time and efforts for some routes. If your time is more valuable for you than a small reward I ask for my work, I will find, book and/or buy a ticket for you.

  • Tickets purchase
  • Tips & tricks
€ 29

Full Package

It includes travel route design, help with tickets purchase, hotel booking and useful information searching. To begin, I would like to know your basic preferences. It may be a country of destination, a specific place or just a desire to ride in mountains during the Christmas holidays. After choosing the most suitable options, I’ll work on selected of them in more details. In addition to the route I will prepare recommendations for the trip. This can be a list of phrases in the language of the country, car rental options, Ramadan time, maximum luggage weight for the flight or sunrise time for the best shots.

  • Travel route design
  • Visa questions
  • Tickets purchase
  • Hotel booking
  • Budget estimation
  • Tips & tricks
  • Recommendations
€ 99-149

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