Flight Tickets Booking Services and Search Engines

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Flight tickets booking services is the most convenient way to get information of the cost of tickets. But if all sites are equally good? You can find a huge number of articles that describe proc and cons of certain services. I want to show the basic classification of such online services and describe the important points are worth paying attention to.

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Business Class VS Economy Class

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Self-planned Trip business classPassing business class seats in airplanes we usually ask ourselves: “Is the difference in comfort worth the difference in price?”. It all depends on your preferences and the airline. I would like to say that business class it is not just comfortable chairs and champagne on board, but also a number of advantages during check-in and boarding.Read More

Low-cost Airlines

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Self-planned Trip Low-cost Airlines

Low-cost airlines (also known as no-frills, discount, budget or low cost airlines) are airlines that offer generally low fares in exchange for eliminating many traditional passenger services.

Usually these airlines make short flights (up to three hours) in a particular region and don’t offer intercontinental flights. If you travel within Asia, Europe, North and South America, Australia, you can save considerably on flights. Sometimes airfare is totally zero, but fuel surcharges and additional fees are added to the final cost of the ticket. Total price for the 1-2 hours flight without luggage often is about 30 EUR.Read More

How to Buy Cheap Flight Tickets?

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Self-Planned Trip How to Buy a Ticket

Tickets are often one of the biggest items of expenditure for a travel. Therefore, the question “How to buy cheap flight tickets?” is actual for anyone who is planning an independent trip. I want to offer an algorithm that I use myself.

Ticket prices depends on many factors such as the price of oil, the fees set by the airport, the exchange rate, the quality of service on the board. We have to accept some of the factors that determine the price, but we can choose others.
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