Stunning and Dangerous Ijen Volcano – East Java, Indonesia

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  • Baskets with sulfur on top of Ijen Crater
  • Ijen crater slopes
  • Blue fire in Ijen crater
  • Worker in Ijen sulfur mine
  • Kawah Ijen Acid Lake

Ijen Volcano Crater is one of the most attractive and dangerous places in the world. Active volcano, constantly spewing sulfur smoke clubs, the world’s largest acid lake Kawah Ijen, incredible in its beauty blue fire and extremely hard working conditions in the sulfur mine. We went down into the crater to see everything with our own eyes.
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How To Choose Scuba Diving Personal Equipment?

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Снаряжение для дайвингаPersonal equipment like wetsuit, mask or fins for diving should be selected primarily on the basis of convenience and compliance with dive conditions, primarily water temperature. For this equipment seasonality and extra pricing for “thingies” are very typical. Do not let yourself be caught on marketing hooks! Take into account tips from scuba diving experts.
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Choosing Scuba Diving Equipment with Experts

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Diving EquipmentWhen you did your first scuba dives, got your diver certificates and figured out that you enjoy scuba diving, it’s time to think about your own equipment. It’s not easy to choose right scuba diving equipment. There are a lot of brands and models available in the market. How to choose the optimal one? I’m going to share my experience and advises of experts of scuba diving – Oksana Wilf and Martin Slisans.
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